Is it okay to have an indoor pool at the basement level?

by Emely Hufemia

Is it bad feng shui to place the pool at the basement level? I have a sloping lot and my architect and I decided to add a basement. Above it is where the living room, dining room and kitchen are. I'm planning to position the pool at the basement level under it. In front of the pool is the garden. The basement is open, not walled .. and lights and air can freely enter. Thanks

Hi Emely,

As I mentioned elsewhere, I don't work much with landscape feng shui. However, I can tell you what I know.

According to Dr. David Twicken, good landscape feng shui is like an arm chair with a high back.

First, you want support and protection from negative influences in the back – usually accomplished by situating your building site at the base of a mountain or hill or a virtual expression of mountains (ie. buildings). Simply stated, the tallest thing around should be behind you. It sounds like you have a hill behind, so that's good.

Next, you should have supportive and protective buildings or landscape formations on either side of the house – usually accomplished by neighboring buildings. By having a tall back and sides, the chi flows down to the front of your house.

Third, your house should be situated in the "seat of the chair." A large open area in front of your house will generate prosperity, health, good relations and support since chi is able to flow to the front of the building.

And finally, a water feature should be placed in front of the house – a true symbol of prosperity. In contemporary design, the water element can be represented by a lake, pond, pool, fountain, road, or open space.

I can't quite tell how your pool will be situated. From your description, it sounds as though the pool will actually be partially under the house. If this is the case, you might want to consider moving it out so that it is in the front of the house. Otherwise, it sounds like you are right on target. You couldn't have placed a pool or garden in a more ideal setting.

You might want to read Dr. Twicken's book “Introduction to Feng Shui: Feng Shui for Modern Living Spaces” for more detailed information.

Be well,

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