Love & Potpourri

by Debarchana

Is it good to keep Pot Pourrie for the fragance in the room where we sleep in the house? Is it considered lucky for Love and Relationship. Can you please guide me.

Hello Debarchana,

Although I wouldn’t necessarily consider potpourri “lucky” I would consider potpourri – or more specifically fragrance – to be a very powerful tool for enhancing the energy of a room. That’s the whole idea behind essential oils, right? Each fragrance has a specific vibration or frequency that affects the overall frequency of your home. Different scents can be used for different purposes.

In your case where you want to enhance your bedroom and the Love/Relationship area of your home, I would recommend scents like ylang-ylang, sandalwood, rose, jasmine, vanilla, or lavender. So choose your potpourri accordingly.

Be well,

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