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Meaning of Black
Feng Shui Color Psychology

The meaning of black signifies sophistication, power, elegance, and modernity. It can also be associated with introspection, mysteriousness and stillness. Some common properties of the color black include:

  • Dignity / Sophistication / Power / Status
  • Elegance / Luxury / Richness / Quality
  • Modernity
  • Contracting
  • Stillness
  • Mysterious (sometimes fearful or ominous)
  • Death / Mourning / Grief
  • Hatred
  • The meaning of the color black is most commonly associated with sophistication and luxury, as well as mourning or death. 

    Black, a symbol of yin energy, is very contracting, receptive, relaxing, and introspective. This is why you often see city-dwellers wearing black—they are balancing the active energy of the city.

    The meaning of black as described in “The Herder Dictionary of Symbols: symbols from art, archaeology, literature and religion” is as follows:

    “Black is a color symbolically analogous to white and that similarly corresponds to the absolute; hence it can express both the abundance of life and its total emptiness. In the sense of the undifferentiated and abysmal, it often appears as the designation of darkness, primal chaos, and death. As the color of mourning, it is closely associated with resigned pain (thus differing from the light color white, which signals hope).

    As the color of the night, it shares in the symbolic complex of mother-fertility-mystery-death; black is thus also the color of fertility, mother goddesses, and their priestesses (in this context it is sometimes related symbolically to red, the color of blood.) In China, black is the color of the feminine principle, yin (see yin and yang ) and contrasts with its opposite, yellow (or sometimes also red), rather than with white, as in the West.

    As the color of evil, black occurs, for example, in the term black magic.

    In the Spanish court, black was for a long time the color of great dignity.”

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