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Meaning of Blue
Feng Shui Color Psychology

The meaning of blue is mostly calming, healing, soothing and relaxing. It also symbolizes dependability, trustworthiness, and security. Blue increases creativity, promotes contemplation and is often associated with spirituality. Some common properties of the color blue include:

  • Clarity
  • Calming / Relaxing / Peaceful
  • Healing
  • Dependable (dark blue inspires confidence, trust, security and quality)
  • Traditional
  • Insight / Inspiration / Wisdom
  • Noble

The most common meaning of blue is its association with both sky and water element. Therefore, like water, blue is wonderful for encouraging clarity, inspiration, and relaxation especially in the skills and knowledge and career and journey area of the feng shui bagua.

The characteristics of nobility, quality, and security associated with darker blues makes it a perfect color for the abundance and prosperity area of the bagua.

Just like the color green, blue is an excellent feng shui color for the bathroom because of its tranquil, healing properties.

Color psychology suggests that the meaning of the color blue is most often relaxing, pleasant, and healing, however, when used in excess blue can be melancholy, lonely, frightening, depressing, and cold.

The meaning of blue as described in “The Herder Dictionary of Symbols: symbols from art, archaeology, literature and religion” is as follows:

“Blue is the color of heaven, distance, and water, it is usually experienced as transparent, pure, immaterial, and cool. In addition, blue is the color of the divine, of truth, and of fidelity (in the sense of clinging to truth, as well as with reference to the fixed firmament of heaven).

Blue is the color of the unreal and fantastic. Occasionally it is used in a negative sense (e.g., in German “to be blue” means to be too drunk to think straight; in American usage “blue means sad or morose).

Egyptian gods and kings are often depicted with blue beards and wigs.

The Hindu divinities Shiva and Krishna are usually shown as blue or bluish-white.

Jesus and Yahweh are enthroned above the azure sky.

In Christian painting the battle between heaven and earth was frequently imaged in the opposition of blue and white against red and green (e.g., the battle of St. George and the dragon). As the color of Mary’s robe, blue is also a purity symbol.

In the Orient, blue is still thought to protect against the evil eye.”

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