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The meaning of brown can be the most practical of all colors. If you're looking to create a setting with wisps of seriousness, where loyalty, strong friendships, tight-knit families, and stability are a priority, make it brown. It is a natural color, which implies frugality. When used correctly, brown can emanate a unique and cozy atmosphere, and definitely an endearing one.

Common properties of the color brown include: 

  • Stability & Groundedness
  • Strong & Supportive
  • Austerity & Responsibility
  • Strong Friendships & Loyalty
  • Comfort & Family
  • Inexpensive & Frugal
  • Natural

Stability and Groundedness

Brown is an earthly color, it's just like a tree, in the way that it appears heavy, deeply rooted, grounded and stable. For these reasons, it is a color which one can safely rely on, even through adversity. Color psychology even proposes that the color brown can reinforce and stabilize the physical body, via the mind. It is a color which is great for the living room of your home, because that is a place which family member naturally congregate to, and rely on safety which is found there, to relax. More-over, in feng shui the color brown is often used for the Family & Elders area of the bagua map, perfect for the living room and creating family stability. Alternatively, it is used in the knowledge and skills area of the bagua map. Henceforth, brown is an effective color to enhance your office and productivity. It creates a supportive environment in your home office, which will allow you to focus entirely on the task at hand. Read more on creating a uber productive home office here!

Austerity & Responsibility

With the stability and strength of the color brown, comes a responsibility to match. This is another reason why its so beneficial to use brown in your home (or work) office. As your office is a place where you're responsible for your finances, and much of your life. A great combination of colors for your office is white and brown. White provides a sense of clarity and cleanliness, which helps to eliminate distractions, whilst the brown adds austerity to the picture. Together, they can make your office appear extremely sophisticated, and actually quite pompous. 

Cash Killing Color Conspiracy!

People subconsciously choose to use brown for the qualities it has. Take, for example, the color of peoples wallets. People carry money, and money is serious, it requires responsibility. I always carry a brown wallet, and you should too. That's because brown will ensure you take your money seriously. If you carry that fancy vibrant pink or bright blue wallet, I bet you wont take your money too seriously, all your hard earned cash will be gone in no time - color could save you money!

By the way, here's my favorite article on saving money and growing rich - who knows, it might help you! :)

Strong Friendships & Loyalty

In color psychology, brown is seen as trustworthy, reliable (as we've covered), honest and genuine. It is a color which will not honey-coat the truth, nor will it betray you. It is loyal. This all means that a brown feng shui room is an ideal place to congregate with old and loyal friends. The same goes for belongings. In movies, or when you imagine in books, those long-time, trustworthy belongings of characters are often brown. That's because it subconsciously symbolizes that they are reliable, quality, but through-the-wear items.

Comfort & Family

Similar to friendships, strength of family relationships is associated with brown. Families can relish in the comfort of a brown room, knowing subconsciously of its reliability and stability. When it comes to feng shui, the color brown is the most down-to-earth, so it will create such an environment. This can enhance family member's honesty, and ease them into talking about personal issues. In the end, it will result in a closely-knit family and a happy family. Take a moment to appreciate Leo Tolstoy's wisdom:

"All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way"

Gotta' love Tolstoy. Use the color brown to merge your family closer, so you can focus happily on what you love - whether that be your family or other things.

Inexpensive & Frugal

Often, brown appears inexpensive. But if you use the color properly and powerfully, it can in fact look extremely sophisticated. Especially if used in conjunction with other colors. It looks great with a range of colors, including light and dark shades of blue, white and grey, yellow, and even other shades of brown. 

Brown screams frugality however, which is great, because simplicity and frugality are the foundations of good feng shui. Check out this page on simplicity and de-cluttering. Frugality means to use and have only the necessities, which leads to enhanced clarity, and an enhanced lifestyle. It is a massive step to an incredible life of success and happiness. I recommend you check this if you want a first step to simplicity. 

Herder Dictionary of Symbols

The meaning of the color brown as described in “The Herder Dictionary of Symbols: symbols from art, archaeology, literature and religion” is as follows:

“Brown is the color of the earth and of autumn. In antiquity and in the Middle Ages, it was a color of mourning. In folk song and lyric poetry since the late Middle Ages, brown has also had erotic significance.”


Finally, brown is strongly associated with nature. After all, if you go for a wander into the woods, or bash through some bush, you're going to see a lot of wood, which, of course is brown. Its wonderful for creating a natural, outdoor theme for your home. You'll inevitably feel closer to nature, which in turn can be very relaxing and calming.

The connotations and meanings of brown can be used specifically to benefit you in your daily life. The changes will be minimal at first, but the psychological effects take time. Eventually, if you're astute, you will begin to notice some very noticeable changes in your life, directed straight towards happiness and well-being 

Remember: the most important thing for you to do, is to take action and make some change! I've done my part by giving you this info, now it's your turn!

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