What is the meaning of brown?

The meaning of brown signifies stability, grounding, and reliability. It is also very motherly and comfortable. Some common properties of the color brown include:

  • Secure / Stable / Dependable
  • Reliability
  • Mother Earth / Motherly
  • Strength / Support
  • Grounding
  • Common / Inexpensive / Frugal (unless the material is wood)
  • Comfortable

Brown is most often associated with the earth element. Therefore, like earth, brown is very comforting, supportive, stable, and grounding. It is a wonderful color to use in the skills and knowledge area of the feng shui bagua to cultivate stillness, wisdom and peace of mind.

Color psychology suggests that brown supports and strengthens the physical body, however, it does not stimulate mind.

The meaning of the color brown as described in “The Herder Dictionary of Symbols: symbols from art, archaeology, literature and religion” is as follows:

“Brown is the color of the earth and of autumn. In antiquity and in the Middle Ages, it was a color of mourning. In folk song and lyric poetry since the late Middle Ages, brown has also had erotic significance.”

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