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Meaning of Orange
Feng Shui Color Psychology

It can’t really get much more vibrant than orange! Combining red and yellow, it only makes sense that orange is so bright and eye-catching. As result of its glow comes stimulating and cheerful qualities. We associate it with flame, fire, coals, and all things that are gonna’ burn you, and hence, we experience it as a warm color. In color psychology, it increases oxygen intake to your brain, and even makes you more sociable – I’m impressed, orange.

Add orange sparingly for a touch of warmth

We'll talk about orange's main qualities:

  • Social
  • Appetizing
  • Warmth / Richness
  • Stimulating / Energizing / Cheerful
  • Polarizing

Social / Outgoing

A truly outgoing and vibrant color, orange is right up there in your face, and is, you could say, extroverted. Thus, these effects can transfer to you, and make you feel more extroverted and sociable. Studies have even showed that it activates the right frontal lobe, which governs one’s personality, and makes them more sociable. So the next time you go to your friend’s friend's party, or have to make that daunting public speech, consider wearing a bright orange t-shirt, or dancing around in an orange room. If you are wanting to make your own room orange, however, I’d advice against using too much of it. For effective interior design, it’s often best to use the color orange sparingly. Too much can make people delirious, and due to its in-your-face nature, it will eventually tire them out. We’ll touch on this again a bit later.


It stimulates our appetite. After all, orange is one of the few colors which has its name derived from a fruit. It really isn’t a bit surprising that this color is appetizing… Just the thought of a sweet, juicy orange makes anyone’s mouth water, right? There are also psychological explanations behind this, your subconscious mind has been conditioned through many hundreds of year to want food, when it sees orange. For this reason, I recommend that you add splashes and flickers of orange around your kitchen and your dining room/table. That’s one subtle trick to impress your dinner guests that no-one will suspect. Very often restaurant proprietors use this in their restaurants too. Additionally, orange is symbolic to good health, which can, when added to your feng shui and interior design, be very fashionable.   


Orange is considered ‘warm’ or ‘hot’ in color psychology, and seems to radiate the sensation of heat. That’s simply because we have been conditioned over time to associate it with fire and the sun. Use this instinct to your benefit. You could add orange to your interior design, which would give the chosen room a sense of warmth, coziness and a touch of alacrity. I’d strongly recommend dabbles of orange in your living room, amongst other more stable, grounded colors, to enhance richness, warmth and positivity. The same can be done in a range of rooms, except keep clear of your home office.

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The meaning of the color orange as described in “The Herder Dictionary of Symbols: symbols from art, archaeology, literature and religion” is as follows:

“Like most fruits with many seeds, it is a fertility symbol.”

Stimulating / Energizing / Cheerful

The primary emotional meanings of orange is derived from its foundation colors: red and yellow. It gains a rich passion from sister red, and an optimism from brother yellow. Hence, by surrounding yourself with orange, it can be superb for your mindset. With time, it can help to turn you into a habitual positive thinker – one of the most important factors for happiness. More-over, like adding sticks to the fire inside us, it can be note-able supplement for motivation. There are so many pertinent reasons why orange is wonderful for creating space that feels alive, that flows and is energized with chi!


By nature of being such a vibrant in-your-face color, people tend to either love or hate orange. For some people it's simply too high visibility in most shades, while for others, it is great due to its energizing qualities. When you are working on interior design and feng shui, and especially when you use orange, you should keep in mind that some people who will visit your home may have totally different tastes to you. Hence, it's often best not to use too much of one color. Ideally, use a combination of colors which perform well together, and to always follow the bagua map. 

Orange is an ideal color to use if you are looking to create an interior design that feels alive, social and cheerful. By using it in small bouts, you can profit from the warming and optimistic characteristics of orange, without it being over the top. Through consistent exposure to a color as bright and cheerful as orange, you can benefit by becoming more positive and energetic. In turn, you will slowly become more and more happy with your life, and successful. 

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