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Meaning of Pink
Feng Shui Color Psychology

The meaning of pink can be used to emanate feelings of compassion, caring, understanding, and, what else but, love and romance. It can be a pure and innocent color, and in turn, very positive. Hence, it can benefit your life by generating positive emotions, love, compassion and happiness. Let’s look at how.

Pink is a mixture of the colors red and white, meaning that it derives qualities from both of these colors. It takes from red it's arousing and passionate side, of love and romance. While from white, it obtains the lighter sense of purity and innocence, hope and openness. 

Some common properties of the color pink include:

  • Love and Romance
  • Compassion and Caring
  • Relaxing and Sedating, reduces aggression and violence (even used in some prisons for this reason)
  • Innocence
  • Being Unrealistic and Naive


Because pink can radiate strong feelings of passion and love, it is a wonderful color to use in your feng shui bedroom, and for your relationships and love area of the feng shui bagua. Pink is a very close relative to red, and thus can be extremely romantic, partically for darker, rosy shades. After all, pink roses have been stereotyped as the romantic thing for a man to give to his woman. By using these colors in your bedroom, it can create an arousing spice to your love life. It can also help to sustain and even rebuild the positivity which flows in a relationship, to help form a happy household.


Pink is a big signifier of compassion and consideration. This is especially true for the lighter, bubble-gum shades of pink. A friend of mine grew up in a bedroom with pink walls and blankets on her bed, and now, many years later she is probably the most caring and considerate person I know. There’s no doubt that these qualities were at least partly engrained in her due to the environment in her pink bedroom. Use these gradual, but powerful effects to your advantage. Let’s say you are raising a baby girl – the color pink would be ideal to help develop a caring personality. Pink is the ultimate color of tenderness and nurturing.


Any vibrant pinky paradise will no doubt make you feel relaxed, if not a bit delirious.There have been various studies (here) asserting the sedating side effects of pink, and you can use them to your advantage, too. If you're creating your pink room, keep in mind, however, that too much pink can become excessively feminine, and can weaken the sense of groundedness (learn how to create groundedness) and stability which you might want in your room. Pink also lacks power, authority and strength. It will weaken and relax the muscles, due to the calming and sedating properties it has (they literally use this in some prisons, have a look for yourself at this article!). It is a color which will help to alleviate anger, aggressiveness, and stress. At the very least, it can be useful for loosening up after a long day at work!

Positivity and Innocence

Can you think of a more positive color than pink, even if some shades are a little over the top? I can’t. For this reason it can be a very empowering color. Despite it’s relaxing qualities, it is a color which strongly emits positive emotions. Long term exposure to pink can re-condition your emotional habits, so that you naturally feel positive, all the time. Ultimately, this can greatly impact your happiness, and potentially change your life for the better. Pink is also a very pure and innocent color. It can evince nostalgic feelings of times gone by, particularly childhood memories.

Being Unrealistic and Naive

Unfortunately, pink can also have connotations of naivety and being unrealistic, which comes with the purity, innocence and optimism it offers. It all comes hand in hand. This is another reason why too much of one color can become detrimental. Use this color in one or two of your rooms in your house, but on top of that, be sparing.

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