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Learn how to effectively 
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The feng shui metal element is closely related to mental prowess and intellect. It is a great addition to any feng shui office or workplace. As always, make sure to read about the creative and destructive cycles so that you can keep the feng shui elements in balance.

White, light pastels, silver and gray are terrific colors for enhancing metal.

Metal represents mental power, sharpness and intelligence.


Circular accessories are excellent choices for representing the element of metal.
  • All types of metal
  • All rocks and stones
  • Natural crystals, rocks, and gemstones
  • Metal wind chimes and bells
  • Art and sculpture made from metal or stone
  • Circular, oval, and arch shapes
  • White, light pastels, silver and gray
  • Enhance metal with earth elementsLow wide furnitureStone top on metal table frameLong comfortable sofasBrick pathway