Mirror placement and annual feng shui tips

by Jill

I've had a very basic feng shui consult from a friend, who uses front door as north. My apartment is a long rectangle so my front door is north, my bedroom is south at the end of a hallway, so bedroom door is opposite front door and bed is in middle of south wall. Only place I can put it in a small bedroom. She told me to keep the bedroom door closed at night, which I do.

I was told to place plants in north area to slow down chi from front door to bedroom, which I intuitively did without knowing any feng shui.

I'm sleeping fine.

It has also been suggested that I might want to put a mirror on the wall just above the bedroom door frame facing the front door so that the energy coming through disperses. Then I read somewhere that doing so will stop the good chi from coming in the front door.

Can you clarify about the mirror placement?

Also, there are annual feng shui tips. Do you use those? What if the colors of the year conflict with the colors for the area. That's confusing! Sometimes a little knowledge is worse than not knowing.


If you put a mirror right in front of a window or door (or on the door), then it will deflect it back outside. Otherwise, mirrors are great for bringing in more energy and dispersing it. So go ahead and place the mirror above your bedroom door.

I don't use the annual feng shui tips. If you have doubts, always follow the general feng shui guidelines. General space feng shui always takes precedent.

I hope this helps!

Be well,

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