My bathroom is in my skills and knowledge area, what can I do?

by David

I have been applying the feng shui tips on your website to my home to great satisfaction. Last night I cleaned my front door, and in one day two items that I've been trying to sell for a long time were sold. Thank you.

Now, my bathroom is in my Skills & Knowledge area, and I know that running water is a don't in this area, among other things that exist in my bathroom. Do you have any tips for how I can maximize this area?

Thank you.

Hello David,

I am delighted to hear that you are having good fortune with feng shui, I love success stories!

Here is my advice for your bathroom in the Skills & Knowledge area:

  • Keep it clean and clutter free (of course!)

  • Select colors that work well for bathrooms and Skills/Knowledge like blues and greens.

  • Bring in the earth element to balance out excess water (like rocks, gems, earthenware, ceramics, and pottery). The earth element is also very beneficial for Skills/Knowledge.

  • Boxes and containers are a wonderful addition not only because they enhance the earth element, but because they will help keep your bathroom clutter-free.

  • Also, follow good bathroom feng shui by keeping it well-lit and well-ventilated and remember to keep the toilet lid down.

  • The most important thing for your bathroom is to focus on creating a space that feels vital and healthy. However, since it is in the Skills/Knowledge you want to avoid overly active colors, it should feel nurturing and soothing. Go for a subdued zen-like feel.

Be well,

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