My bathroom is in the career / journey area of the bagua? Is this good or bad?

by Candy
(Doha Qatar )

According to the bagua map, my bathroom is in the career area. Is it good or bad for my career?

Dear Candy,

The career and journey area is one of the more auspicious areas for the bathroom since this area of the bagua is enhanced by the water element.

I'm sure it goes without saying, make sure that your bathroom is clean and uncluttered. It should smell good too, since stagnant water or scents should be avoided in this area.

I would advise you not to place any images of yourself, loved ones, or anything related to your projects or career in the bathroom since it could get "flushed down the toilet." Instead, focus on general enhancements like color, feng shui elements and lighting.

Be well,

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