My bedroom is in the skills and knowledge area of the feng shui bagua. How do I "feng shui" my bedroom?

by Panos
(Athens, Greece)

Well,according to bagua map it just so happens that my bedroom is in the ''skills and knowledge'' area. I want a relationship with romance and passion. I am 23 years old and I have been single for many years. I don't know if it helps but my hobby is usually playing 'single player' computer games -- maybe that says something, I think. Also I have two beds in my bedroom ,the one above another and I sleep in the above. Can I apply feng shui for relationship and romance in my bedroom ? Or in any other way? I hope this information helps you enough, thank you very much, I am grateful for the opportunity to contact with you.


Hi Panos,

You can definitely apply some general feng shui bedroom guidelines. Since your bedroom is in the skills/knowledge area of the feng shui bagua, here is my advice:

  • Get rid of any clutter and clean your bedroom (of course!)

  • If you can, you might want to swap out your two beds for at least a full-sized bed. (Remember, you need to “prepare your bedroom for a lover.

  • Make sure your bed is in the power position.

  • You are correct, single player computer games don’t necessarily help out in the romance department. ;-) You don’t have to give them up entirely, but I would encourage you to avoid playing games in your bedroom.

  • Try to choose warm, comforting colors. Earthy browns are good colors for both a bedroom and the skills and knowledge area.

  • Choose artwork that is serene and meditative – they will both enhance the skills and knowledge area and are suitable for a bedroom.

  • Focus on pairs of objects and accessories. Boxes, containers, rocks, stones would be great for this area.

  • The earth element is going to be extremely helpful in activating more romance and passion, while enhancing this area of the bagua map too.  You can bring in the earth element with simple additions like soft pillows and furniture and earthy feng shui colors.  Rocks, stones, and other heavy items would be a smart addition.

  • Fabrics and textiles are a great way to attract more passion into your life. Velvet curtains, tassels, overlong curtains flowing onto the floor, and pillows will activate romance, passion and tenderness.

  • Candles will help to create more romance.

  • You’ll also want to enhance the love/relationship area of the bagua at the same time.

  • Don’t forget to read my feng shui romance tips.

  • And finally, you must learn to love yourself and be open to receiving love -- I know, it sounds so cheesy and cliche, but it is so true!

I hope this helps!

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applying feng shui in bedroom

by Panos

I would like to ask, after following your advice if my bedroom that you see in the picture below is the appropriate style for attracting love,romance(relationship) and generally new experiences.
Thank you very much for responding in our queries.

Greetings Panos,

It is always a challenge to turn a small space into a romantic retreat. Your bedroom looks more utilitarian and functional right now, and less romantic.

I would encourage you to look at pictures of romantic bedrooms and small bedrooms to look at possibilities.

Your bedroom has a lot of "stuff" in it right now – kind of like a dorm room. If you need to use your bedroom as a multi-function space, then look at these pictures of studios to give you some ideas for creating functional and peaceful spaces.

I hope this helps!

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