My Career & Journey area is an entrance hall.

by Adriana
(New Jersey )

Lately I've felt unsure about my "life's purpose" (and feel I should be making more money in my business and feel I should be more successful by now) I figured I would focus on my Career and Journey section of my home.

I live in a condo. The front door opens to a walkway/entranceway. The right "wall" are the doors to my utility room and the left "wall" are the doors to the coat closet. If I place the Bagua map properly this is my Career & Journey area. Besides placing a door mat, there really isn't much room for me to enhance this area. Will the door mat (using the proper enhancement colors) suffice? If not, any suggestions?

Thanks for your help!

Hello Adriana,

When your options for enhancements are limited, I find that it helps to space clear regularly. Here are the steps I follow:

  1. De-clutter the area you want to enhance. In your case, make sure your closets are in good order.

  2. Next, get a bucket of water and some natural cleaning product (I swear by Mrs. Myer's Lavender All Purpose Cleaner) and clean the entire area while repeating the affirmation "I am clearing away the old and making room for the new." I've even added essential oils to the water like lavender. If you want something specific, check out Young Living essential oil blends like Purification, Magnify Your Purpose, Into the Future, or Highest Potential.

  3. After you have finished cleaning, you will then want to space clear your entire homeā€”not just the career/journey area. There are many ways to space clear. Some common tools include bells, drums, rattles, singing bowls, music, candles, flowers, blessed water, salt, smudge, incense, or essential oils. Karen Kingston's book "Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui: Learn the Art of Space Clearing and Bring New Energy into Your Life" is an AMAZING resource if you want to learn more about space clearing.

A proper door mat will make a great enhancement. If you are into the whole crystal thing, you might want to hang a faceted crystal in this area. You could even hang artwork or a wreath on your door as well.

The fame/reputation area is closely tied to career/journey; if you are struggling with your business, it is wise to focus on this area as well.

I hope this helps!

Be well, Jessica

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