My front door is on the side of my house. How do I orient the bagua map? Help me please.

by Dorel

Feng shui bagua and floor plan orientation Feng shui bagua overlay.

My name is Dorel, I live in Stockholm Sweden. I found your page on google, i really like it. I just started with the fengshui and i got stuck on the bagua

Here you have a plan of my apartment, as you see the entrance door is on the side.Should i put it on skills and knowledge? But then i have a big part of my living room outside the bagua

I could place it on career and journey but then i will have the door on the left hand side of the bagua ....

I hope you could help me ....

Thank you and i really hope for some guidance.

Hi Dorel,

My husband's parents house has the exact same floor plan. The attached picture shows how I oriented the feng shui bagua map for them.

Basically, you have an extension in the family/elders and relationships/love area of the feng shui bagua.

As you can see from the diagram, you have a "missing area" located in the skills and knowledge. Feng shui cures and enhancements can help you adjust for this.

I hope this helps!

Be well,

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