Need help applying bagua to split level home...

by Lee

My husband and I are living in a split level home and I'm confused about bagua application to it. In traditional design, the main level floor plan occupies the entire outside perimeter of the home structure and other floors (living areas) are either directly above or below the main level.

In our home the main level occupies only half of the structure. The main entrance has an entry hall. To the right is the living room. Directly ahead is the kitchen ( at the back of the home) at the far right corner (behind the living room and next to the kitchen) is the diningroom.

In the entry hall there are 2 sets of stairs (1 that leads to an upper level - 5 stairs; and one that leads to the lower level - 5 stairs) the upper and lower levels are over each other, occupying the left side of the structure.

So the front door is the dividing point with the main level to the right and the upper/lower levels to the left. If I stand in the doorway looking out, the house is facing north which is my 3rd worst direction. The back door, in the kitchen, is facing south, my 4th worst direction. My kua is 8 and my element is earth. My husband's kua is 2 and his element is earth as well.

We're having issues with work and peace in our lives and I'm trying to use feng shui to bring peace. Help!!!

Hi Lee,

I completely understand your frustration, sometimes feng shui rules seem overwhelming, or worse, impossible to follow – and then it feels downright scary. You must follow your intuition! (read this article).

Don’t worry so much about your “worst” directions, that isn’t empowering. Instead, focus on good general space feng shui. Apply the bagua map to each individual floor – you will have three. One for your main level, one for your upper level, and one for your lower level. Just make sure to align the bagua map with the front entrance.

If you are having problems with work and peace then pay special attention to the career / journey area and the fame / reputation area of the bagua map on each floor.

For more peace, here are some things you can do:

  • Make sure you de-clutter

  • Get rid of any objects that you don't like

  • Play soothing music

  • Play sounds of nature or install a small water fountain

  • Put up photos of natural scenes

  • Soften sharp corners

  • Create more spaciousness by minimizing furnishings and accessories and adding more light (think spaciousness)

  • And add more earth (good for you and your husband!)

Be well,

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Jan 14, 2013
"Make sure to align with front entrance"
by: Anonymous

Hi. I am having the same problem with my split level home. When you say to align all three baguas with the front entrance, do you mean to take the bagua, physically move it to the left without rotating and cover the basement and upstairs level? I have an entrance in the basement on the front of the house, so two entrances (one from the outside front of the house and one coming down the steps from the kitchen). Upstairs only has the one "entrance", of course, coming up the stairs. I read somewhere to align the "front" of the bagua (career, knowledge, helpful friends) to the top or bottom of the stairs. Confused.

Jessica's reply:

Yes, I would recommend physically moving the bagua without rotating it.

I've learned there are two ways to apply the bagua map. Either align all levels with the front door (like I am suggesting) or align it with the entrance entering the floor (which is what you read to align with the stairs). You can really do it either way. As feng shui author Karen Rauch Carter advises, just decide how you are going to align the bagua map, set a strong intention, and go for it!

Hope this helps!

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