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Organizing Tips for Clutter Control

I've found these organizing tips to be extremely useful — especially if you are feeling overwhelmed or don't know where to start.

The trick to organizing clutter is to start small. Begin with a single drawer or a closet.

  1. Set a timer. You won’t feel so overwhelmed if you set a time limit to clearing and organizing clutter. Setting a time limit will also motivate you and keep you focused on the task at hand — clutter control!
  2. Get 3 boxes. Label one for items you want to keep/relocate/file, one for items you will discard/donate/give away/sell, and one for items you are unsure about. Go through everything in the closet or drawer and place it in one of the boxes.
  3. Organize. Have a plan of action on how and when you will deal with each of these boxes. Put everything you want to keep in the proper location. Throw away the items you want to discard. Call your friends over to go through the stuff you don’t want. Make a trip to your local thrift store. Host a garage sale. DO NOT leave stuff lying around in boxes—that is still clutter. For the items you are unsure about, you may want to store the box for 6 months and if you haven’t opened it by then, don’t peek inside the box (your ego will play tricks on you) and drop it off at the thrift store.
  4. Power clean. Along with the previous organizing tips, this is an incredibly important and powerful step you can take. You can enhance the positive energy even more if you clean the area you are decluttering. As you clean the area say to yourself, "I am clearing out the old and I am making room for the new." If you can, use a natural cleaning product with lavender because lavender releases dense energies. I LOVE the lavender scent Mrs. Myers Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner.
  5. Place your intention. After organizing clutter, make a vision board or collage that depicts the feeling you would like to achieve in your home. Hang it where you will see it frequently. Infuse your space with your personality.

"Make room for the new you. You may not have totally determined who the new you is going to be, but you probably have decided that there are some things about the current you, that you want to change. Well while you are working on what the new you will be, start 'cleaning out a room' for the new you to live in. Get rid of the junk in your life both physical and mental that doesn't fit you anymore. Take things out of your schedule that are taking your time away from finding out what you want to do. By making room for the new you, you will create a vacuum that the new you will rush in to fill and you will be on your way to the top."
- Edward W. Smith, "Sixty Seconds to Success"

I would highly recommend Karen Kingston's book "Clear your clutter with feng shui." It has many wonderful organizing tips. Or if you want some more free ideas for organizing clutter check out these free organizing tips.

Here's the book ''Clear your clutter with feng shui":

"Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." - Albert Einstein 

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