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Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
What are the secrets to getting rid of fear? 

At times, overcoming fear can seem like an impossibility. Everyone has fear (everyone that isn’t free, that is). In his amazing book “Life Energy,” John Diamond discusses the origins of fear. From an etymological viewpoint, Diamond defines the original meaning of fear to be a feeling of “danger of being suddenly ambushed while traveling.”

You see, every fear originates from the primal fear of death through the unknown. “This fear has haunted us since we were brutally separated from our mothers at birth.”

John Diamond’s description of fear supports what Lester Levenson taught. Lester believed that our fear of death is the first stage of separation we have from being ultimately free and happy. It happens at birth.

Did you know that all of our fears and limitations can eventually be boiled down to the fear of dying?

As a result, most people live their life in a constant state of preparedness—waiting for the worst to happen. There is a continual emphasis on avoiding what we fear.

Fear prevents us from doing what we would like. We create elaborate “what ifs” and overblown expectations of the worst that can happen. Although these fears may be based in reality, they are usually grossly exaggerated.

When has your worst fear ever come to pass? Probably not very often.

By constantly preparing for the worst-case scenario, you are actually holding in mind your fear. It becomes a powerful mantra with a lot of energy behind it. So while you may be trying to avoid the thing you fear, your mind is actually in the process of manifesting it.

Thankfully, there are some very powerful methods for overcoming fear. (Be smart folks, these suggestions are not meant to replace professional therapy if you have a serious anxiety disorder.)

  1. Stop Preparing For the Worst To Happen
  2. Acknowledge Your Fear
  3. Surrender To Your Fear
  4. Release Your Fear

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Stop preparing for the worst to happen

Lester Levenson used to say, “Fear, and it will appear.”

If you’ve watched The Secret or have read anything by Esther and Jerry Hicks, then you know that the universe does not understand words like want, don’t want, not, or never. It only understands what you are holding in mind. So if you say to yourself, “I don’t want cancer,” all the universe understands is “cancer” and all of your creative powers of manifestation work diligently like a deranged Christmas elf to bring cancer into your life.

“The Sedona Method” explains that most people get a false sense of security by preparing for a disaster (I am no exception! I have lived most of my life in a very severe state of fear.) Sure, you may be ready when the sh*t hits the fan, but by worrying about the “inevitable outcome” and taking the necessary precautions, you may actually be bringing the disaster about through your inner and outer preparations.

Whenever you worry, you are holding in mind what you don’t want and then what you don't want is what you tend to get. STOP IT!

Acknowledge your fear

This is super scary! Even though most spiritual teachers tell you to face your fears, I flat-out refused to do it. I thought that by acknowledging my fears, they would become a reality. So I stuffed ‘em down and enjoyed my Pollyanna Wonderland.

The strategy for overcoming fear by acknowledging them finally made sense when I took a class on the Release Technique. It is a really, really bad idea to stuff your fears down into your subconscious. Your subconscious mind does 90% of the creating and manifesting in your life!

When you choose to acknowledge your fears, you bring them up from the subconscious into your conscious mind where they release instantly.

If you didn’t have the fear, then you wouldn’t even be able to pull it up into your awareness.

For example, let’s say I sat in a meditative state in an attempt to bring up my fears and release them. I couldn’t bring up any fear that wasn’t lodged in my psyche somewhere. I am not afraid of tight spaces. Therefore, it would be impossible for me to bring up any fear of being locked in a closet. It just isn’t there.

However, I am afraid of the state of our economy. I can bring that one up real easy. The fact that I can bring it up means I definitely have it hidden somewhere in my subconscious and it needs to come out! Does that make sense?

Another reason to acknowledge your fear is to release its hold on you. What you resist persists. If you resist your fears, they become even stronger. On the other hand, if you acknowledge their presence and even accept them, then they have less power in your life.

Surrender to your fear

If you simply surrender to your fears, not only do they release instantly, but also it invites the universe, your higher self, and any other higher power to assist you.

This goes along with the previous suggestion. When you resist your fears—when you hate them—they have complete power over you. They run your life!

How do you surrender?

You just make a decision to surrender. Simply say, “I surrender” and allow the fear to pass through your body out into the universe where it dissolves. You can even put your fear into a bubble and send it into the center of the Sun where it burns up instantly.

Doing this one time will not cure you of… say… a debilitating fear of spiders. Overcoming fear takes effort. You are going to have to do it repeatedly. Every time you surrender you will become lighter, freer, and less fearful.

Release Your Fear

If you are afraid of something, then you have a subconscious desire or expectation for it to happen. Once you welcome this, then you can release it!

The following exercise is a very simple and powerful practice for overcoming fear taught by the Release Technique and the Sedona Method.

Remember, fear and it will appear.

Sit down, relax and think of something that you fear. Now ask yourself, “Could I let go of wanting this to happen?” By asking this simple question and answering with a confident “yes,” you will begin to release the fear instantly.

This may sound ludicrous to you at first glance, but it really works well for overcoming fear! If you are holding in mind what you fear then you are subconsciously creating it. Can you stop doing that? Can you let go of wanting your fear to appear? Just could you?

Of course, practicing the release technique (or the Sedona Method) in its entirety—that is getting rid of all attachments and aversions, including wanting approval, wanting control, and wanting safety—will eventually annihilate any fear you may have.

How do I know?

I released on the economy quite extensively and now it is impossible for me to get worked up about it. Overcoming fear is possible!

The best further resource I can recommend is Susan Jeffer's groundbreaking book "Feel The Fear ... And Do It Anyway!" Read it, and it will change your life, click here:

› Overcoming Fear

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear."  -  “Ambrose Red Moon 

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