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Feng shui kitchen ideas

Feng shui kitchen ideas

I've just come across your wonderful website. My wealth area is in my kitchen and utility room (south, south east and east). Over the last three years, I have had a lot of bad luck and am looking at feng shui to see if I can improve things for myself. I want to paint my kitchen, what colour do you suggest? Red and purples will not go in the room. My cupboards are cream and worktops are black/brown flecked. There are cottage style tiles on the floor.

You can go with a neutral color and then enhance the abundance/wealth area with more vibrant and abundant colors. For example, you can paint your kitchen walls an eggshell white, beige, or warm yellow – whatever color complements your existing finishes. A light, neutral color will provide a “blank canvas” for cheery and colorful accessories.

Freshly potted herbs and plants, colorful fruit, and fresh flowers will help to enhance the abundance area. So will bamboo or a small water feature. And don’t forget about artwork.

The photo above is a good example. See how the basic paint colors are very simple and subtle, while splashes of color are added throughout? You certainly don't have to rely on paint colors, there are a lot of options for feng shui cures.

I hope this helps!

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