Question about an h-shaped house and missing bagua areas

The Creativity/Children and Family/Elders areas are missing in my house, as it is a sideways H shaped house (an originally H shape cape dutch house).

Please advise to what cures I can use to help these missing areas.

I have a big problem with no creativity and not starting any hobbies (which has never been a problem before) also, with dealing with authority figures. We don't want children, so that aspect is not a problem.

If it perhaps has any relevance I live in South Africa (western province).

Thank You



Hello Michele,

As with any missing areas, you will want to include the missing bagua area either literally or symbolically into the overall structure. When working literally with the missing area, you can complete its shape by filling in the missing area with a structure like a covered porch, deck, arbor, or even a room addition. You just need something with enough structural substance to be considered part of the building. You can make the addition even more powerful by including colors relating to the specific area of the bagua. For example, if you add an arbor in the creativity/children area, you could paint it white and adorn it with pastel colored flowers and a wind chime.

You can also complete the missing areas by using symbolic additions – something that will help to define the missing area outdoors. This can include fencing, an outdoor lamppost, landscaping, water features or a sculpture.

If you can't do anything to enhance the structure from the outside, there are symbolic ways to work with the structure inside. You can:

  • Mirror the indented wall or walls closest to the missing area

  • Hang faceted crystals in the windows (If there are any in the missing areas)

  • Place a healthy plant to enliven and circulate the energy

You can also use a shield of energy. This technique comes from Karen Kingtston's fabulous book Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui. After space clearing, use your intention to create a shield of energy that surrounds the entire building and fills in the missing areas – creating a perfect square of light energy around the perimeter of the house. To create a shield, stand in the corner of your house and place your back to the wall that you are about to shield. Take a breath and raise your arm up above your head with your hand outstretched flat and parallel to the wall. Now release your breath and lower your arm in a wide arc fairly swiftly back down to your side, with your hand still parallel to the wall. As you do, visualize a shield of vibrant light coming out of your fingertips and extending all the way along the wall to the other end of the building (going straight through the missing area). The missing area is now within this symbolic structure. Do this for all four sides of the house, the floor and the ceiling.

I would also highly recommend paying close attention to the family/elders and creativity/children areas of every room. Align the bagua map for each room with the main door into the room. Obviously, the feng shui orientation could be different for each room depending on the orientation of the door.

I would also recommend making sure that the center of your home (and bagua) is balanced and has good energy.

One last thing, creativity languishes in a cluttered environment. To revitalize your creativity, organize your stuff.

Please forgive the tardy reply! I only have a few hours each month to dedicate to answering questions.

Be well,

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