Should a pool and garage be included inside the bagua? Do you clear clutter and then space clear? Help, I'm confused.

by C.

Should a pool and garage be included inside the bagua? One thing that I don't understand is the order. First, do we have to clear the clutter, second, space clear and finally apply Feng Shui? Is this the correct order? Do I have to space clear always when I apply Feng Shui? The five elements are so hard to understand :S

I would LOVE to read in the future how to Feng Shui a wedding (I want to Feng Shui it :)) and any type of business. These topics look very interesting to me.

Great work! Please, continue your awesome work!



Hi S!

Usually the pool and garage are not included in the bagua.

You have the order correct: de-clutter, space clear, and then apply feng shui. You don't have to space clear every time you apply a feng shui cure or enhancement, but it certainly helps. Little things like burning some incense, spritzing with lavender, or playing meditative music will clear the space.

The five elements can be very confusing. If they don't make sense to you, don't worry about them. Use the techniques that feel natural.

A feng shui wedding would be phenomenal, wouldn't it? I'll have to look into it.

Good luck on your journey!

Be well,

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