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If I'm standing at my front door looking in, the stairway is to the right of the front door and faces the front of the house. Is it still bad feng shui if the steps are not directly in front of the door? The steps go up about five steps and then turn to the left if that makes a difference.

Hello Jeanne,

It's not as inauspicious as when the steps are in direct alignment with the front door. Still, some of your energy is flowing down and right out the door like a waterfall.

To remedy this situation, you need to:
1. Stop the energy from flowing out the door
2. Lift the energy up

Certain cures will help you to slow down the energy. These include plants, especially in earthen planters, earth colored or red carpets at the foot of the stairs, a red front door mat, or any other attractive aesthetic barrier at the base of the stairs like a screen. You can even drape fabric on the banister to stabilize the stairway.

If you hang a crystal at the bottom of the stairs, you can catch and circulate energy back up.

As a rule of thumb, don’t hang art descending down the staircase, instead hang it in a horizontal line.

Be well,

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