The Power of De-cluttering & Space Clearing

by Steven
(Tabernash, CO)

Jessica is my daughter so needless to say she has done a lot of Feng Shui and clearing on our home. She had me clear out my success corner which proved to be very beneficial to my life. Clearing out all the old clutter made things much clearer and rewarding. I love how the corner now feels and it just makes me expect success. She is a big fan of de-cluttering and I agree with her. Every time I clean up and de-clutter the area always seems so much brighter and clean. It loosens up the energy and really get it moving.. In establishing the relationship corner it has made things much more smooth between the wife and I. Finally I highly recommend her clearing, cleansing and balancing of your whole home or business. It removes all the old stagnant energies and replaces it with love and light. It even makes the rooms brighter. Jessica is a pro and really knows what she is doing. If you need to lighten up your home or business I highly recommend following her advice.

Jessica's reply:
Thanks Dad! Of course I learned much of what I know about spirituality, self-responsibility, manifestation and success from early lessons my dad taught me. We have taken many classes and workshops together which has been a true blessing to share this journey.

As he stated, I see space-clearing to have the most profound impact on my parents house. My dad has a massive repertoire of space clearing tools like smudge, incense, essential oils, rattles, singing bowls, bells, drums, a didjeridu and probably more that I can't thing of at this moment. For him (and myself) space-clearing is playtime.

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- Roberta Sage Hamilton