What are the best feng shui colors for outside?

by TC

What are the best options and combinations for feng shui exterior paint colors. Any examples online of sites that have luxury homes with great feng shui exterior color combos? Also any sites with great feng shui home design overall?


Hi TC,

It's not necessarily what colors to use, rather how the colors make you feel. First impressions have a huge impact on how you experience your entire home, so it is most important to create a home that is beautiful and welcoming on the outside and that matches your preferences. Here are some tips:

  • Think about what colors make you happy. Maybe you long for a fuchsia front door the represents your creativity and playfulness or maybe you prefer a deep chocolately hardwood door with an opulent brass knocker. It's up to you.

  • Since it doesn't matter what colors you use, then consider what vibe you are going for. Earthy colors are more nurturing and grounding – think of an adobe house. On the flip side, a colorful house has a lot of vitality and energy – an old-fashioned Victorian house with intricate detailing comes to mind.

  • Consider the style of your house (that's the architect in me). A colorful and contrasting combination of colors works well on older houses with lots of nice detailing. A colonial house looks fantastic with a two-color combination. A cottage style house looks great when the bulk of the house is painted in a neutral color complemented by a vibrant front door and shutters.

More things to consider:

  • Consider sight, sound, and smell when sprucing up the outside of your house. Colors are terrific, but so are water fountains and fragrant plantings.

  • Landscaping can transform your home into a retreat. For example, honeysuckle blossoms or fresh lilacs on the path leading to the front door will bring a smile to almost anyone.

  • The entry should be open and have clear path.

  • The front door should look fantastic – no shabby entries.

  • The outside of your home should look tidy.

Unfortunately, I have yet to discover a website or resource that demonstrates great feng shui along with great design—in fact, there is a huge void. Being an artist and architect, I am very particular about design, perhaps I am more fanatical than most. I visit sites like HGTV and find things that I love. I then turn around and adapt them to really good feng shui principles.

I hope this helps!

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