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The Wood Element
Learn how to effectively 
use feng shui elements

The wood element is used to enhance growth and creativity. Of the five elements of feng shui, the element of wood is most effective if you seek personal growth, intuition, creativity, flexibility and expansion.

Wood represents growth and creativity.

Obviously, all objects made of wood represent the wood element. In addition, vertical objects, plants, floral prints, and artwork depicting nature convey the properties of the wood. Make sure to read about the creative and destructive cycles so that you can keep the five Chinese elements in balance.


Stripes, floral prints, and the color purple elicit the qualities of wood.
  • All objects made of wood—furniture, accessories, paneling, siding, roofing, decks, etc
  • Verticality: like a tree trunkTall objects rather than squatVertical paintingsVertical patterns on wallsVertical blindsVertical stripes
  • Columnar shapesBeams, poles, stripes, pedestalsPillars (connect heaven and earth)
  • Growing, thriving plants (especially vertical growth)
  • All types of plant based cloth and textiles
  • Art depicting landscapes, gardens, plants and flowers
  • Floral prints (wallpaper, upholstery, drapery, linens, etc.)
  • Green (growth and healing)
  • Purple (abundance and expression)
  • Blue
  • “I went to the woods 
    because I wished to 
    live deliberately, to 
    front only the essential 
    facts of life, and see 
    if I could not learn what 
    it had to teach, and not, 
    when I came to die, discover 
    that I have not lived.”
    - Henry David Thoreau

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