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Learn how to use yin and yang to 
bring balance and harmony into your life 

Yang energy is considered masculine. Yang is very expanding, active, energetic, outward, and lighter (less dense). Unlike yin, yang is fast moving and expands outward. Some common properties of yang include:

Yang energy can be characterized by such things as bright, sunlit rooms; angular furniture; high ceilings; light colors; and open, expansive spaces
  • Masculine
  • Warm/hot
  • Light
  • Front
  • Hard
  • Straight
  • Angular
  • Sky
  • Sun
  • High
  • Large
  • Plain
  • Narrow
  • Vertical
  • Geometrical
  • White
  • Heaven
  • Active
  • Day
  • Expansion
  • Mountains
  • High walls
  • Light colors
  • Dry
  • Strong or loud music
  • Outside
  • Active
  • What is a space with a lot of yang energy like?

    An environment with an abundance of yang might have high ceilings with lots of windows that bath everything in sun.  Yang spaces are usually very large with minimal furnishings that are very angular. Environments with a lot of yang tend to feel very expansive, open and bright.

    Your home has too much yang if you have any of the following symptoms: hyperactivity; can't express emotions; impractical; overly extroverted; throw everything away; make poor decisions; or feel uncomfortable due to too much energy and activity.

    Word of Advice

    Soft, upholstered furniture and rich, dark colors are perfect additions if you want more yin energy.

    If you need to add more yin energy to your space, then choose soft, upholstered furniture that is heavy and low to the ground. Select rich, dark colors and soft lighting. You can also bring in rounded window treatments, area rugs, and throw pillows to add that soft nurturing quality often associated with yin.

    If you need to add more yin energy to your room, add things like heavy drapes, dark colors, and soft furniture.

    Your home has too little yang if you have any of the following symptoms: lack leadership; low productivity; indecisive; depressed or overly emotional; controlling; overly introverted; hold on to things too long; or stagnant energy.

    If you need more yang energy, add bright colors and lighting (especially uplights).  You can even remove your curtains and let the sunlight stream in. Include furniture and accessories that have smooth and/or glossy surfaces.  You may also want to use lightweight furniture and pick stuff up off of the floor.

    As always, it is most important to balance yin and yang—people are always much happier in balanced environments.

    Add bright colors and angular, lightweight furniture to enhance yang.