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Learn how to use yin yang to bring balance 
and harmony into your home and life 

According to many ancient cultures, yin and yang are the two opposite but complementary forces that govern the entire universe. They are like two sides of the same coin — two opposites completing the whole.

Yin yang reflects the duality of all things in nature. Nothing exists without its opposite. We cannot understand light without the concept of dark, there is no hot without cold, and so on. Each extreme relies on the other.

Nourishing energy strikes a balance between the two extreme forces of yin and yang.

Generally speaking, yang energy is considered masculine energy. It is very expansive, active, energetic, outward, and less dense than yin. Conversely, yin energy — feminine energy — is contracting, receptive, relaxing, inward and denser.

Word of Advice

Yin should be in balance with yang even if it is not what you normally prefer.

At times your personal chi may be so out of balance that you can’t simply choose what “feels right.” You may love your city loft with concrete floors, modern furniture, large windows, and angular architecture, but it is too yang. In this case, the energy moves too quickly and could lead to problems such as high blood pressure and ill health. To bring your body and your life into balance you may have to do something counter-intuitive, even if it doesn’t match your design style. Just remember to take slow, small steps or you won’t feel at home.